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  • Reader’s Note

    Stories have always been a huge part of my life. Before I could read for myself, my mom would read me old Nancy Drew novels in the shade of the Mulberry trees in our yard. Once I started reading, I consumed books with an almost rabid intensity. I’d spend whole afternoons curled up with a…

  • Need a Ride?

    Dorothy Bennett was not an ideal role model for young girls. After her husband left, Dorothy went from being a stay-at-home mother to working as a hotel maid. And while she could never help her daughter, Kirby, with her calculus or Latin homework, Dorothy imparted what wisdom she had. These lessons usually came about after…

  • An Apple Pie Marriage

    Dottie considered the pile of apples in front of her. Freshly washed, their red skin glittered like a mountain of rubies in the early afternoon sunlight. With methodical hands, Dottie inspected each apple, her sharp eyes searching for any blemish or bruise. Dottie Klein only used the best ingredients in her baking; anything less than…

  • The Drift

    The air was dry and frigid, the kind of cold that seemed like it could press the life out of a person who dared breathe it too deeply. Outside the world was monochromatic, seeped of all color and, seemingly, all life. Snow had accumulated quickly around the car, mounds pressing into the sides and collecting…

Stacy and her dog, Theo.

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