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  • The “Write” Place

    Stories have always been a huge part of my life. Before I could read for myself, my mom would read me old Nancy Drew novels in the shade of the Mulberry trees in our yard. Once I started reading, I consumed books with an almost rabid intensity. I’d spend whole afternoons curled up with a […]

  • What it Looks Like

    The writing process looks different for every author. In his memoir, “On Writing,” Stephen King outlines his regimented writing process, which includes setting a daily word limit and creating a dedicated space where he writes. James Clear highlights the vastly different routines of twelve authors in his article The Daily Routines of 12 Famous Writers. […]

  • Five Favorite Horror Flicks

    If I haven’t made it clear before, I love being scared. Well, I love the feeling of being scared when in reality, I am safe at home. So, please, don’t start following me home. That’s not the kind of scare I’m talking about. If you’re new to the genre or you’re just looking for a […]

  • Why Horror?

    Before I found my niche as a horror writer, I felt a little lost in the world of literature. I had the urge to tell stories, put pen to paper, and, later, fingers to keys. But what was I supposed to write about? What would people find interesting? I’ve had a sheltered, mundane life whose […]

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Stacy and her dog, Theo.

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Stacy is a horror writer from Galena, Illinois. Click “Learn More” to read her full author bio.

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