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Angry Women shows there are scarier things in life than a haunted house. Farrah and Judd are newly engaged twenty-somethings who seem like the picture-perfect couple. But Farrah and Judd’s relationship is tested when a day trip to the Ably House, a supposedly haunted farmhouse in Galena, Illinois, goes awry. Can love conquer all, or will the Ably House claim another victim? 

This novel is set in Galena, Illinois, and draws from the town’s haunted history, especially the rumors surrounding The Ably House and the families that lived there. Dating back to the 1830s, the house takes its name from Jacob and Catherine Ably, not the original owners, but the most infamous. Many residents claim to have experienced strange occurrences, such as cold spots or phantom voices. Miller has drawn heavily on these reports as the basis for the paranormal activity in her book.

Aside from being a chilling ghost story, Angry Women explores the perils and struggles of modern women. Farrah, the novel’s protagonist, is a biracial twenty-something who was taught at a young age that society does not look favorably on women with a quick temper. But when she becomes stranded at the Ably house, with her fiance’s behavior becoming increasingly strange, Farrah discovers that sometimes an angry woman is the only one that survives.